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A new name for a new era

A little under four years ago my co-founder Graeme and I decided to leave the big branding agency world behind us and start 'doing our own thing’.

Frustrated with the big agency status quo, our idea was simple.

I’d bring the strategy and writing skills, he’d bring the creative flair, we’d start doing our own branding projects for our own clients on our own terms.

Back then we didn't have a business plan. Just a belief in how we could do branding better. 

And we couldn’t really call ourselves an agency. At least not with a straight face. It was just two guys, working together, making stuff happen. Often from our spare rooms.

We chose the name Article, because we thought it neatly captured our story-first approach to building brands.

Four years later, a whole lot has changed.

We’ve gone from designing brands for friends and friends-of-friends to delivering rebrands for famous global businesses.

We’ve built a full-time team of eight of the most talented people we’ve ever worked with.

And project after project we’re producing the best work we’ve ever made.

It’s fair to say it’s an exciting time.

Asking tough questions

As well as doing loads of work we’re proud of in the past 12 months (and having loads of fun doing it), we’ve been busy thinking about where we want to go as a business.

— Who we want to work for
— Who we want to work for us
— What sort of work we want to do
— How we want to do things differently

After some serious soul-searching we agreed that our original name and brand just didn’t match who we are or where we’re headed.

Asides from being terrible for SEO (our bad), and regularly getting us confused with the streetwear shop over the road, our name didn’t help us tell our story anymore.

We’d outgrown its original meaning.

And, most importantly of all, none of us truly loved it.

It didn’t feel like us.

It was time for radical change.

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Article, Kingsland Road - absolutely nothing to do with us


Our new name sums up what we do for clients and our lean, focussed approach to building brands.

Whether they need help launching, relaunching or refreshing their brands, deep down everything we do for clients is about helping them move forward with purpose.

— Clarifying complexity
— Finding focus
— Injecting fresh creative energy
— Getting prepared for whatever’s next

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In an increasingly unpredictable world we believe all ambitious organisations need a purposeful brand to drive them forward.

And we think our lean team and collaborative approach means we’re better placed than big branding agencies to deliver the direction and tools our clients really need.

Any of our clients will tell you we’ve always been committed to moving their businesses forward, not just beautifying their brands.

— Focussing on impact, not satisfying creative whims 
— Caring deeply about their business, not just what’s in the brief 
— Solving problems they never knew existed 
— Staying as close as they need, but setting them up so they can go it alone

Our new name puts this approach at the centre of who we are.

We can’t wait to get (re)started.

Joe R
By Joe Ryrie