Starting from scratch and moving at supersonic startup speed, we helped Fiit build a brand and launch a product that’s set to revolutionise the fitness industry.

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The challenge

How do you turn a game-changing idea into a game-changing brand?

Fiit’s founding team of ex-Googlers came to us with a huge idea. They wanted to use smart technology and fitness influencers to make the home workout experience better than the gym. And they needed an agency that would go beyond theory to help them make their idea real. Fast.

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The insight

Motivation + Convenience 

85% of Brits say they wish they exercised more. When we analysed all the reasons people give for not doing so, we realised they could all be grouped into two fundamental pillars; motivation and convenience. The explosion of new fitness offerings — from boutique studios to apps — address some of these barriers for some people, but no-one is solving for the sweet spot. Enter Fiit.

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Brand idea

Addictive fitness that fits in

Based on our pillars of motivation and convenience, we developed our driving brand idea. ‘Addictive fitness that fits in’ works externally as a lead message, and informs all our visual and verbal principles.

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Designing the app

Fiit’s mobile app is the heartbeat of the customer experience. We designed every aspect of the UI, embedding ourselves with their in-house UX team to turn an ambitious concept into a world-class product in just a few months.

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Supersonic startup speed

Forget navel-gazing over endless versions of brand guidelines; Fiit needed a flexible, forward-thinking partner who would value progress over perfection, respond fast to change and relish the ridiculous pace of startup life. We’ve been that team, helping them with everything from photoshoots to web design to set design for their TV studio and much more. All at breakneck speed.

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Finding the perfect name was never going to be easy, especially in the overcrowded fitness space. The founders had been toying with options for months, but nothing was sticking. We developed hundreds of concepts in brainstorms and working sessions before inspiration struck. ‘Fiit' alludes to their core product range of Hiit classes and has exactly the kind of standout startup attitude the founders had been searching for.

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Influencer-led branding

Fiit gives fitness influencers a platform to reach new audiences and monetise their followings. So it was vital to make them the heroes of the brand. We shot a range of photography that emphasise their specialisms and personalities, and could be used throughout Fiit’s brand world, from campaigns to class modules in the app. 

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£2.4 million seed funding raised after developing the initial branding

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The team at Onwards have been on the journey with us from the beginning and are now our most trusted partner. They completely immersed themselves in our world and developed a brand that felt sharp and aspirational. This helped us recruit trainers to the platform, and raise the investment we needed.

They’ve been involved in every aspect of our business and have gone above and beyond to ensure our brand stays on track, all whilst being agile enough to work at the pace a start up needs to. They truly are an extension of our team.

Ian McCaig, Fiit Founder

Project disciplines Brand strategy, visual & verbal identity, naming, campaigns & content, web & app design, film & photography

Project collaborators Photography Philip Haynes

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