Silicon Milkroundabout

Silicon Milkroundabout has been at the heart of London's tech scene for a decade. Proud advocates of startup culture, we built them a rebelliously playful brand, packed with personality and startup spirit.

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The challenge

How do you turn a legendary event into a legendary brand?

An event that started a decade ago in a London pub has grown organically into one of the world's most famous job fairs, jam-packed with the best tech talent and startups in Europe. But with new alternatives springing up and digital recruitment platforms gaining traction, they needed their brand to stand out as much as their events.

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The insight

Epic teams aren’t built by algorithms

Finding a great job, or choosing a great candidate is an emotional process. There’s only so far you can go with an algorithm. Silicon Milkroundabout’s enduring success has been founded on a core belief — that the only way to know if you want to work with someone is to hang out with them, in the real world.

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Our approach

Build a purpose-powered brand with a personality as wild as its name

We translated Silicon Milkroundabout’s core belief into a rebellious brand with a personality like no other. ‘Human’s not robots’ became their driving brand idea, giving them a bold point of view that sets them apart from their digital rivals, and clear direction for the tone of their brand.

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“We actually care about people. Which feels quite rare in the recruitment world"

Source: Internal brand survey 

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Identity concept: Tech with personality

The identity is designed to reflect the tension in the brand. Visually it’s full-on tech — inspired by the stark, naive design of early internet chatrooms. Contrasted with playful illustrations, language and graphic elements, we make it clear we’re on the side of the humans, not the robots. 

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Naming: The elephant in the room

Silicon Milkroundabout is one of the strangest (and longest) brand names we’ve ever worked with. But research revealed that fans of the brand loved its cumbersome charm. Changing it would have been heresy. So we decided to stand proudly behind it, embracing the weirdness and using its human, playful and slightly anarchic nature to inform the brand identity and tone. 

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Human digital experiences

We explored every aspect of the attendee's journey — from hearing about the event to following up conversations. This meant translating the fun, playful experience of the brand into digital formats. Making the experience simple and seamless but full of helpful tips and witty surprises.

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“It's not ridiculous, it's f***ing genius"

Naming research: Customer survey

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Riffing off cliched tech vernacular and nodding to their own startup roots, we developed a playful, anarchic and purposefully silly tone of voice that reflects their unique personality. Just like the event itself, it’s designed to spark conversations that wouldn’t otherwise have happened. And have loads of fun in the process.

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95% of respondents said they loved or really liked the new brand

Source: Client brand survey

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Onwards opened our eyes with new ideas and pushed us to experiment with concepts we wouldn't have otherwise had the confidence to explore. It was a joy to work alongside people who are so talented and put as much energy and love into our brand as we do. The guys carefully listened to our needs and absorbed every detail to create a beautiful brand we are now extremely proud of and our audiences love as much as we do.

Laura Jones, Chief Event Officer, Silicon Milkroundabout

Project disciplines
Brand strategy, visual identity, tone of voice, digital design, event design, print design, communications strategy.

Project collaborators
Illustration Daniel Haire
Photography George Baxter

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