Streatham Space Project

Streatham Space Project is a new off-West End theatre on a mission to challenge elitist industry norms. We built them a weirdly wonderful brand that embraces their anti-establishment ethos.

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Far from West End

Just a few miles down the road from London’s West End theatre heartland, conceptually Streatham Space Project is a million miles away. Eschewing elitist West End norms, this is a theatre for everyone. Their founders wanted to reimagine what theatre means for a local community – breaking down the barriers between observer and actor, encouraging participation, interaction and conversation.

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Space Project’s founders were fed up with the stuffy elitism of traditional theatre. They were determined to build a space that would get normal people off their screens and into an arena of play and creation. We put this commitment to play at the heart of the brand – building a weird, wonderful and surprising graphic language and image style that reflects their unusual sense of fun.

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Created as part of our commitment to helping community businesses build great brands without big budgets, we needed to build a system that worked on a shoestring. Our approach was to create a graphical system based on a simple giant pen stroke that anyone could co-create. With or without Photoshop. Digitally or physically.

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Ready for launch

Before we started working with the team they’d struggled to find a name that fitted. The ‘location + theatre' construct was expected, traditional and dull. They wanted a future-facing name that reflected their vision and playful approach. A few particularly surreal brainstorms later, Streatham Space Project was born. Intriguing, unexpected, weirdly welcoming... an ever-changing creative space for the good people of Streatham. 

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We were always excited to go into sessions with Onwards. We came out feeling invigorated by a great balance of understanding what we were and pushing the boundaries of what design for a theatre venue could look and feel like. They've given us a brand that is child's play to work with, tremendous fun to use and looks like no other venue in London. They're an absolute joy to work with, thank you Onwards!

Andy McKeane, Creative Director, Streatham Space Project

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